Our business concept is mobile so we bring paint experience to your preferred location. Whether it is social, cultural, educational or ministry focused, we do it all.

Soul Palette was founded in the winter of 2016 by co-owners, Brandon & Ewaniki Hawkins. The husband and wife team leveraged their unique skillsets to birth the business when they discovered a gap in the market.

Meet The Team

Ewaniki Moore-Hawkins

Ewaniki Moore-Hawkins is the Operations Manager of Soul Palette with more than 15 years in management. She graduated from the University of Cincinnati with a Master of Business Administration and had majored in Marketing and Entrepreneurship in her undergraduate years. She handles the client booking, talent management and ensures that all details are efficiently handled. Ewaniki also serves as the Director of the African American Cultural & Resource Center at the University of Cincinnati. She is ultimately passionate about helping others identify their purpose and reach their highest potential.

Brandon Hawkins

Brandon Hawkins is the Lead Artist of Soul Palette with more than 20 years of artistic expertise. He graduated from the University of Cincinnati with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Africana Studies and a certificate in Fine Arts. Brandon has been passionate about art since his youth. He considers drawing, painting and graphic design to be some of his best talents. He also currently serves as the Visual Arts instructor for Elementz and has completed a couple of large scale mural projects with Artworks. Brandon dreams have become a reality with the opportunity to use his gifts and talents everyday to empower others to find their inner artist.

Asha White

Asha is a Cincinnati based artist born in Cleveland Ohio. Her preferred medium is acrylic or oil paint on canvas. Although she does many realistic pieces, she prefers to paint surrealist imagery. She is inspired by the work of Salvador Dali and Frida Kahlo in the way that they use dream like symbols to tell stories of their lives and the world around them. Asha tells her own story of growth and personal exploration in all of her abstract work.

Ciara Cruder

Ciara Cruder hails from Columbus, OH, and has a Bachelor’s degree in Fine Arts from the University of Cincinnati. She freelances as a videographer and photographer and she manages Mind the Method, a short documentary series that features independent music artists in the Cincinnati area. She loves the arts and hip-hop culture and her future goals are to direct a feature-length documentary and manage a community creative space for artists.

Sharon Smith

Sharon Smith, a native of Cincinnati was welcomed to the team in 2016 and has truly enjoyed being apart of Soul Palette. She gets a thrill from helping those who are concerned about how their paintings will turn out. She always ensure them with belief they'll  have a masterpiece in no time. She is currently studying at the University of Cincinnati to become a licensed Social Worker. In hopes of bridging the educational system for minorities and tackling homelessness. We have had the privilege of knowing Sharon for many years as our childcare provider. She is someone who is not afraid of expressing herself through fashion with her bold and colorful prints. When she's not making crafts, scrapbooking and poetry she's traveling the world seeing and meeting new faces.

LaNeitra Stroud

LaNeitra Stroud has been drawing since her youth. In 2006 she assisted Brandon with painting a mural on the side of their church, Tryed Stone New Beginning. Completing this large-scale piece of art led to many others around the city. LaNeitra decided to try her hand at digital art. Once she began taking college courses in media, video production, and photography her natural gifting for the creative was truly awakened. She is now a lead media director at Tryed Stone New Beginning.

Prince Lang

Prince Lang is a visual artist, who is an expert in painting and photography. He studied at Parsons School of Design, obtaining a BFA and BA. Prince moved to Cincinnati this year and is glad to join the Soul Palette team.

He is full of joy and love. So, be sure to say hi when you see him at your painting session!


Destiny Turner

Destiny M. Turner is from Racine, Wisconsin. She worked there redesigning furniture for Main Gallery. Destiny was also a part of ACTSO (Afro-Academic, Cultural, Technological and Scientific Olympics) through the NAACP where she participated in national drawing and poetry competitions. Destiny recently graduated from Eagles International Training Institute’s Prophetic art course. She gives God the glory for cultivating her creative gifts and opening doors for her to paint live, create website materials, ministry logos and flyers.

Eric Barber

Eric "E" Barber is a self-taught Artist based in Cincinnati, Ohio. Eric developed a passion for art beginning at a young age by his mother encouraging him to read. While doing so, he fell in love with the artwork in comic books and anime which developed his dream to one day become a cartoon artist. His favorite artists include Alex Ross, Aaron McGruder, and Masashi Kishimoto. After high school, Eric attended Central State University and majored in Early Childhood Education. After realizing that formal education wasn't for him, he left and found a passion in working to mentor youth in his community; but his love for art never left him. Today, he continues to work to inspire youth with art and has enjoyed creating unique pieces that portray some of his favorite characters, motivational messages, and promote self-love. He is currently extending his talents to digital and paint pieces.

When Eric isn't working creating, he still finds joy in mentoring, spending time with his wife Breana, watching movies, and being a committed Boston Celtics fan.

Eric joined the Soul Palette team in 2019 and looks forward to continuing to inspire youth through art as well as being a part of making art a fun experience for others.