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We are Brandon & Ewaniki Hawkins, husband & wife team married not only in love, but also in our passion for mentoring and legacy building. Between us, we have over 18 years of mastery in art, events management and education.


We launched in January 2016 and have been bringing our unique brand of art appreciation into private and public spaces ever since.

"As the majority of our attendees admitted that art did not come easy, Brandon was able to reassure and encourage everyone to do their best. At the end of the event, many attendees commented that this was one of the best events that we had in a long time. That really speaks to the effort that Brandon and Soul Palette put towards providing us that unique experience."

Tracey Miller

Group Manager / Ethics & Compliance Office

Proctor & Gamble

Meet the Team


Brandon Hawkins

Lead Artist, Muralist

Brandon Hawkins is the Co-Owner &  Lead Teaching Artist of Soul Palette with more than 20 years of artistic expertise. He graduated from the University of Cincinnati with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Africana Studies and a certificate in Fine Arts. Brandon has been passionate about art since his youth. He considers drawing, painting and graphic design to be some of his best talents. He also formerly served as the Visual Arts instructor for Elementz and has completed several large scale mural projects with Artworks. Brandon's dreams have become a reality with the opportunity to use his gifts and talents everyday to empower others to find their inner artist.

Ewaniki Moore-Hawkins is the Co-Owner & Chief Detail Officer of Soul Palette with more than 20 years in events, education &  management. She graduated from the University of Cincinnati with a Master of Business Administration and majored in Marketing and Entrepreneurship in her undergraduate years. She handles the client booking, talent management and ensures that all details are efficiently executed. Ewaniki also formerly served as the Director of the African American Cultural & Resource Center at the University of Cincinnati and Operations Manager of The Abercrumbie Group. She is ultimately passionate about helping others identify their purpose and reach their highest potential.

Ewaniki Moore-Hawkins

Chief Detail Officer


Asha White

Independent Artist


Ciara Cruder

Independent Artist

destiny turner.png

Destiny Turner

Independent Artist


Drea Brison

Soul Palette Intern


Eric Barber

Independent Artist

LaNeitra Stroud.png

LaNeitra Stroud

Independent Artist

Black Lives Matter Mural - Day 1-51_websize.jpg

Sharon Smith

Independent Artist

There was a time when I didn't think of myself as an artist. I would keep my drawings tucked away in my sketchbooks because I didn't believe I was good enough. But I had passion and Soul Palette helped me use that passion to grow into the multidisciplinary artist that I am today. I'm a stronger painter, designer, and teacher thanks to the opportunities provided by Soul Palette, and now I'm using the skills I've learned to help others all over the world.

Ciara Cruder

Independent Artist

ciara painting.jpg
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